Is Pinterest the next latest and greatest website?

Some of you may have heard about Pinterest, but for those who haven’t, you should be aware of this truly awesome website. It’s mainly used by women, but a few guys do use it as well.  It has been estimated to average eleven million views per week. The website was launched in March, 2010. There are about 10.4 million users per week and about two million go on daily.

What exactly is Pinterest? It is a website that allows users to “Pin” pictures of crafts, recipes, funny sayings, home décor, photography, etc.  The website sorts pins by categories and likes. Once a user refreshes the page, it updates and the pins have been either lost or moved. Many people have favorite categories that they prefer to glance at.

“I like to look at recipes, craft ideas, and party ideas,” said librarian Susan Alward.

“(Pinterest) has creative ideas for inspiration,” said sophomore Amanda Haverdink.

To get on Pinterest, new users must receive an invite or request an invitation. By being a user you are able to like pins, post pins and re-pin.

This website is the best way to get rid of boredom and has already been blocked by the school server.

“The cars on Pinterest are pretty sweet, but the food is awesome,” said sophomore Jacob Eshenaur.

“I like to pin things for my dream home,” said sophomore Courtney Peters.

So if you are bored in the near future, check this website out. But just a warning, it can be more addictive than Facebook.

“I have not been addicted to it yet,” said Mrs. Alward.


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