It is game time for varsity football team

Many spectators don’t realize what goes into game day for the Varsity football team. Every game the football team has certain rituals and traditions that are vital to their focus and strength as a team.

Pre-game starts with a team meal. While the football players are eating, the coach’s hang up their jerseys on their lockers and prep for the game ahead. The team then listens to the same mixed CD every game day at 4:15. Then they watch game film and dress to go to the middle school locker room.

Once at the middle school the team proceeds to the gym to work out some last minute kinks in their plays. After they are through the team goes to the field and warms up. After warming up the team heads back to the middle school for last minute pep talks. Many spectators do not realize this but the football team does not hear the band perform the national anthem.

Right before the Hawks take the field to run through the banner, they say a prayer, exit the locker room, and hit the “Play Like a Champion” sign.

Upon taking the field the last thing the team does is touch the memorial rock for Matthew Kleinheksel, a football player who died of cancer during his sophomore year in 2001.

After kick-off the team follows traditions that previous teams have set before them. These include the jumping and ohhing before plays.

“It’s a way of showing team unity which is intimidating to the other teams,” senior running back Austin Schild said. “It also gives the fans a chance to get involved.”

The Hawks most important aspect this year was to “Get it.”  According to members of the team, this philosophy is an important part in pulling out a victory.  Although the football players are a very unified group, each member has a different meaning for “Get it”.

For senior running back Justin Hamm, it means that you “know your playing for the guy next you.”

Schild said for him it means “play for the people who can’t.”

“Get it is unexplainable, you just need to know what your doing,” senior Matt D’Eletto added.

Along with ‘getting it’, the players have various tasks and things to remember throughout the game. Some examples include, Patrick Farris needing to snap properly; Austin Schild to just go, and David Ptacek remembering to call the right play. Each player has a vital role in all aspects of the game.

Once the victory has been achieved the team chants the school song to the crowd.

After the song the team gathers and takes a knee. Coach Myers then talks to the team and says a final prayer.

This year’s team is all about unity, enthusiasm and bonding.

“We are a strong family and wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Coach Myers.


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