‘It’s all in the way we fly’

In previous years, Homecoming has always been more of a competition between classes.  This year, the theme is meant to bring unity throughout the school.

Instead of giving each class a different theme, the entire school has the same theme “It’s all in the way we fly.”

“We’re going all as one,” Student council advisor, Ms. Alward said. Student council and advisors wanted to make the theme black and gold to bring students together.

“We wanted to bring school spirit back,” student council president, Kelly Klingenberg said.  “And (this) gives students a chance to unite.”

Not everything will be different from last year.  The basic rules for hallway decorating are still the same.  There will be a two-hour limit, with a specified time, and everything should be done in black and gold, based on the theme.

The dance is also changing. Last year the dance was on Saturday night, and was semi-formal. The students took a poll, and the majority of students ruled that the dance would be casual and take place Friday after the football game.

The dance will go until 11:30 pm.  Dance tickets will be sold next week the 24th – 26th at both lunches.  Tech center and co-op students are to find Ms. Alward in the LMC to buy their tickets.

Dan Bosch contributed to this report.


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