JV boys basketball earns key victory against rival Unity Christian

The JV basketball team is made up of 9 returnees, 3 freshmen and a transfer. This new group started out strong with victories against Allegan and Unity Christian.

Tyler Knapp hopes that the team will have a strong bond during the season.

“If we are close as a team, the success will follow close behind,” Knapp said.

One of the freshman players Evan Verhagan also hopes that the team will build strong unity.

“I was a little worried at the start of the season that being a freshman the team wouldn’t be tight, but after the first game we should be fine,” Verhagan said.

Coach Mat Rehkopf knows that the team is ready to do some damage after the win against Unity.

“This was a great win for us and it will bring confidence in our game,” Rehkopf said. “We stressed rebounding and no turnover with some fast breaks. Now we will have a target on are back and people will not be overestimating Hamilton basketball.


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