JV golfers a mixture of youth and experience

The girls JV golf team is comprised of girls with varying backgrounds of golf comprehension, but with so much laughter and friendship it’s obvious they are having a lot of fun.

Coach Deanna Malloch explained that having a mix of experience is actually a positive thing. She noted that there are two juniors on the team; Molly Phillipi and Jamie Timmer, who have proven to be leaders based on their years of previous practice.

“I teach the girls about non-stop commitment and effort,” Coach Malloch said. “I also expect integrity. For example, if someone does something against the set rules, it’s up to them to be honest.”

Things have been going as planned so far with no huge setbacks during practice. The team discusses goals at the beginning of each match, and they keep track of improvement.

Hamilton sophomore Kennedy Purk joked about what she thinks the teams’ strengths are.

“Well, we can get the ball in the hole thing!” she said.

Meanwhile Molly Phillipi, who has a bit more experience, added: “We are very good at distance on the fairway, but we have trouble keeping a good pace and putting.”

Their coach agreed.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the good or bad things they do, it’s about improvement.

Coach Malloch expecting

As well as being an English teacher at the middle school, Malloch not only coaches, but also goes golfing with her dad and her husband in her spare time.

“I love being active,” Coach Malloch said. “I run with my friends, bike and overall just like being outdoors.”

She also gave a little insight into her personal life as she is expecting a baby in January!

The girls junior varsity golf team has more matches to come, and it appears this should be a very successful season.


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