JV soccer season ends With tie

JV soccer went well this year. Their record is 6-9-3 with first year coach, Lauren Steiper.

“Our season is going well,” Coach Stieper said.  She added that their best game was against Freedom Baptist and they were competitive in their 1-0 win.

Team Captains Matt Scholten and Zach Beyer both agreed that the team had improved tremendously over the season.

One of the team’s strongest points is that they are quick.  Coach Steiper runs them a lot so that they are well conditioned. If they are physically fit, they are able to outplay the other teams in the last minutes of the game.

According to Sophomore Captain Zach Beyer, bonding with teammates was the most memorable experiences.

While some teams were practicing, the Hamilton JV soccer team was at the Community Action House planting a garden, putting up fences and harvesting crops.  “The event was a good learning experience,” Matt Scholten said. The season ended on a high note with a tie against Byron center.


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