JV softball player lost to crushed fingernail

Last night the JV softball team suffered a loss.

Sophomore Cortni Ritter fouled a ball off her hand while batting against Saugatuck during the second game of the night.

Not thinking anything serious happened at first, the team wasn’t worried until she entered the dugout.

It turns out the ball hit her thumb, crushing it against her bat. When she entered the dugout, everybody could see something was wrong. She was bleeding and her nail was not in the right place.

It was wrapped up by Coach Vandewege and Cortni’s dad took her to the hospital.

The team had to adjust to losing an infielder, but everyone stepped up. Especially Chelsi Proos, who was the team’s starting centerfielder.

Proos had to make  the move up to the infield taking Ritter’s spot at second base. Even though she has never played second during a game she did great.

After the game, Coach Vandewege received a text from Cortni’s dad telling her that when they got to the hospital they took her nail off, put in eight stitches, stitched the nail back in and then four more stitches down the side, for a total of fourteen stitches.


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