JV volleyball wraps up season

Saturday, Oct. 22, the JV volleyball team wrapped up its season by not only finishing fourth in the conference tournament, but by achieving one of the team’s season long goals: beating Holland Christian.

Even though they lost to Byron Center and Zeeland East, they still played great games in the tournament.

“They played tough and went out strong,” Coach Holly Goodman said.

Not only did they beat the Holland Christian Maroons twice, both in conference play and the Conference tournament, but they also accomplished some other great things. They took fourth in the leage and beat Zeeland East at their home quad.

Even though the team suffered many injuries throughout the season and changes to the team, they stuck through it all.

“We acomplished a lot,” Coach Goodman said. “We definitly had some great moments, and overall I am happy with what we accomplished as a team.”


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