Kos’ retirement leads to search for new superintendent

Now begins the search for the new Superintendent. The ultimate vote comes from the seven members of the School Board. They will hold interviews after slimming down the initial applicants sometime in the beginning of May. The interviews will be open to the community to be present and the board members are allowing the public to suggest questions that they would like answered by the applicants.

A few of the staff members have their own thoughts on this situation. They expect the turn out of the number of people applying for this job to be pretty high.

“(Because) we have a good school district that actually has money in its budget, it’s (going to be) a highly desired position.” Mr. Lugten said.

According to the President of the Hamilton Community School Board, JoAnn DeJonge, they not only be looking at internal candidates but also those less familiar with Hamilton.

“It’s a wider search,” JoAnn said.

The board has hired an organization called Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) to help them search for the perfect replacement. While JoAnne admits it’s become somewhat of a national search, though the likelyhood of getting somebody far from Hamilton is very slim. Notices of the available position have been posted in multiple universities and various publications that educators would read.

What does it take to become a Superintendent you ask? Well, there are specific laws and qualifications. Some qualifications are federal laws while others are ones that our own School Board has come up with on their own. A few of the qualifications they are looking for in the applicants would be a certain number of years of education, more specifically a need for an Education Specialist degree, not necessarily a doctorate though. Experience as an administrator is something that would look good on the resume as well.


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