Let the Games begin …

Science teacher Terry "Probert" Bochenek waves to the crowd as he enters with his team during the Opening Ceremony for the Hawkeye Floor Hockey Games.

The Inaugural ThunderHawk Floor Hockey tournament kicked off today at the high school with 227 students and 17 teachers taking part during the Opening Ceremony with the parade of athletes.

Competition opened today for 10 out of the 19 teams involved in the tournament.

During A lunch, Mr. Behnke’s team cruised to a 2-0 victory over Mrs. Chanski’s team, while Mr. Grabinski’s squad came back from an early goal to defeat Mr. Blauw’s group 2-1.

At B lunch, Mrs. Ekken’s group dominated their contest against Ms. Stieper’s crew by a 6-0 score.

The first controversy of the Games sparked after Ms. Ayre’s team slipped by Mr. Miller’s A-team 1-0.  The “formal protest” was lodged asserting the Ayres team played with too many people on the court.  A decision from the rules committee will be announced tomorrow morning.

Finally, in the battle between Mr. Bochenek’s grinders and Mr. Randall’s floaters, Bochenek’s group muscled ahead for the 2-1 win.



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