Marching band relies on a team of leaders

The tradition of marching band has thrived in schools across the country, and that is surely true at Hamilton.

This year, Band Director Joe Herrick has several key people who will be leading the Hawkeye band.

Erika Stroup & Courtney Long will serve as the drum majors, Mackenzie Coyle will lead the percussion section, and Elizabeth Vandenbil will help command the trombones.

Mr. Herrick’s goal for the year is a simple one.

“Everyone in the group learns to their potential, to do their best, 100% everyday,” Mr. Herrick said.

Shows are a big deal for just about any musical group, and marching band is no different.

This year, the Hawkeyes will be performing Disney songs, including ‘It’s a Small World After All’, and ‘Trashin’ the Camp’.


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