Marching band rises up, up and away

Trumpet players Tyler Kragt, John Smallegan, and Curtis Breuker practice marching and playing their instruments.

It’s halftime. The football team has left the field and the crowd is abuzz with excited conversation. The lights go down and a sweet, soft song slips its way into earshot. Suddenly the melody cuts through as clearly as Superman’s extended fist, triumphant music floating on the cool fall breeze just as Clark Kent’s cape flies freely behind him, rippling through the evening air. Marching band season has begun. The theme? Superheroes.

Band members feel this theme aptly reflects the Hamilton High School band.

“It shows how we have a balance of being fun and being disciplined…we can do cool stuff but do it in a professional manner,” sophomore percussionist Allie Eding said.

The band trains just as hard as sports teams do to prepare for their season. They met for band camp the last week of July, learning fundamentals of marching and their music, which contains a fast-paced, action filled blend of Superman, Batman, Captain America, and the Avengers.

The marching band also rehearses every Monday night and everyday during class, learning the drill they will be marching while playing the music.

“I am continually impressed and inspired by their dedication, work, and passion for what we do,” band director Mr. Joe Herrick said.

After all the hard work they have put into it already, the band is very excited to present their show, starting at the first home game on Friday, September 27. Band members are also eager to share their upbeat superhero theme with the crowd.

“It’s easily recognized by the audience. Superhero movies and TV shows are a big hit right now, so it’s nice to be performing a show based on something popular,” drum major Sam Jordan said.


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