Middle school cuts B-teams to save money

Due to budget cuts, Hamilton middle school had to cut their B-teams, which has finally taken full effect now that volleyball is done and basketball has started.

The B-teams were for the kids that weren’t quite good enough to make A-teams. The sports that had B-teams were volleyball and basketball.

The decision to cut the B-teams was made back in June, when the Athletic Department was told they had to cut $60,000 from its budget.

With the Athletic Boosters donating $15,000, and increasing ticket prices generating an additional $10,000, the shortfall was reduced to $35,000.

“With us needing $35,000″ Athletic Director Jerry Haggerty explained, “there was no nickel and dime way to get it.”

So they made the decision to cut the B-teams saving $20,000.

According to Coach Josh Hoppe, who was the head coach for the 8th grade girls B-team basketball he is glad that he got the opportunity to coach.

“The greatest thing this (coaching) has done for me is to help build teacher-student relationships with kids at the middle school so when they get to the high school they will have someone they can relate to,” he said.

Without B-teams, there will now be more kids on the A-teams this year. Instead of 12 kids on the basketball teams the number will be closer to 15.

“The A-team coaches have added 1-2 more players than they’ve kept in the past because of a feeling that they want to keep more players in the various programs even if it does mean a slightly different distribution of playing time,” Middle School Co-Principal Mr. Dean Kramer said.

Mr. Kramer said that he asked some of the students at the middle school about what they thought about the cutting of the B-teams.  He found out the students think that it is too bad that more kids don’t get to play.



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