Mornings begin with Fresh Start

Have you noticed that while some people are coming to school acting like they just rolled out of bed five minutes ago, others have a smile on their face ready to start the day? Well those people with a smile on their face might have been at Fresh Start.

According to Mr. Kevin Spotts and student teacher Tim Nelson, Fresh Start is an organization where students get pumped up in the morning with a good song that is praising the Lord that will energize and encourage them throughout the day.

“It is an informal nondenominational praise song gathering,” Mr. Spotts said. Or in other words students come to school and have a guitar led sing along.

The club meets every other Thursday and it begins at 7:07 am and ends at around 7:20. Spotts hopes to have Fresh Start every year from now on.

Nelson is the guitar player for Fresh Start and is also a student teacher for Mr. Colly Carlson. Nelson started playing in a band years ago, then continued his playing in a band at Haven Reformed Church. At Haven Mr. Spotts came and talked to Nelson about starting Fresh Start.

Mr. Spotts heard of other schools doing the same thing and thought it would be a good idea for Hamilton students to get encouragement to have a good day.

Fresh Start meets again Thursday, December 13.


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