Mr. Carlson’s class ‘takes’ the lead in SLC canned food drive

The SLC's canned food drive ends this week.

For the past couple weeks, spirits have been high here at Hamilton High School with the on-going SLC Canned Food Drive.

The SLC, which stands for Student Leadership Connection, has been doing the canned food drive for about the past five years in Hamilton.

This year’s drive originally started out as an easygoing food drive. Kids were asked to bring their cans to Friday night football games or bring them to the counseling office and from there they would be donated to Love, Inc.

Participation was low, so the SLC group came up with a more creative and fun way. They made an announcement that the can drive would be a competition between first hour classes.

“We weren’t getting enough participation with just the football games,”Caitlin Tomlinson said, “and in the past students have responded well to competitions, so we decided to change it up a bit and it’s working for us so far.”

The competition has been working very well, in fact, it is also getting a little feisty. With rumors going around the school of cheating and stealing, the SLC had to change up the game yet again. The competition has been split up into two different brackets: the ‘cheaters’ bracket and the ‘honest’ bracket.

One of the most common names associated with the cheating scandal is Mr. Colly Carlson, the psychology and history teacher. He has been placed into the first bracket, the cheating bracket. When asked if his class was truly cheating, he shot the idea down.

“Of course we aren’t cheating,” Mr. Carlson said,making sure to add “but, there is only one winner.”

Aubree DeVisser, one of his first hour students, has also denied the claims, but many people are still suspicious. Some teachers, like Ms. Jill Phillips, have resorted to hiding their cans so that they don’t mysteriously vanish.

The SLC Canned Food Drive will end this week, so students need to get their cans into their first hour teacher. The class with the most cans gets a reward of donuts.



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