Mr. Hippie takes on new role

A change has been made in the attendance duties. Mr. Blood is no longer in charge of taking action for the attendance, as those duties have been handed off to Mr. Hippie.

Taking this action now gives Mr. Blood the chance to concentrate on things such as academics and how everybody is doing in school. If someone is doing poorly in a subject Mr. Blood can take care of the problem and find out why they are doing poorly. Mr. Hippie will be calling in students who are late chronically late, or if they have unexcused absences why this is.

“We’ve been thinking about making this change for awhile now,” Mr. Blood said.

“It’s too soon to tell now how the change is working but we hope there will be a change in attendance,” Principal Doug Braschler said.

As the year goes on more changes may be in store, but it is hoped the new change will be good enough to keep control on the attendance and give Mr. Blood time to concentrate on working with struggling students.


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