Mr. Hoppe’s dance to raise money for Close-Up group

Mr. Hoppe showing off his break dancing skills.

Many students look forward to the Prom and Homecoming dances when they get to take a date or just hang with friends twice a year, but Mr. Hoppe’s dance is unexpected.

The last dance other than Homecoming or Prom occurred two years ago as a winter dance, so Mr.Hoppe’s dance is anticipated to bring a large number of students.

Many students are confused as to whether the dance is casual or semi-formal.

“The dance is whatever you want it to be,” social studies teacher Mr. Josh Hoppe said.

Mr. Hoppe set up the dance to benefit the Close-Up club’s trip to Washington D.C. and wanted to interest all students. The dance allows casual or semi-formal apparel into the dance.

Students from other schools are also allowed (with prior permission) and concessions will be available during the dance. Mr. Hoppe wanted a large demographic to raise as much money as possible for the Close-Up program.

Math teacher Mr. Travis Pertner will perform as DJ “Jazzy” Pert at the dance. Mr. Pertner has performed at previous dances and is expected to DJ another great dance.

Mr. Hoppe’s dance will be held Thursday, February 28, after the basketball game. The dance will cost $5 and last until 11:30 at Hamilton High.



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