MTC’s Golden Age of Broadway takes the stage

Amanda Haverdink

ThunderHawk Staff Writer

As the cast list goes up, a crowd swarms to find their names on the list. Among the group are juniors Renae Turner and Emily Nykamp. These actors have been given primary roles in one of the three shows for this year’s MTC Revue, The Golden Age of Broadway.

Nykamp, who is a junior,  was in MP3 for three years of middle school, and she is now in her third of MTC here at the high school. Her character, Eliza Doolittle, has to learn to be a proper, high-class citizen.

“Honestly, I love ‘My Fair Lady,’ but ‘Anything Goes’ is my favorite,” she said. “It’s so funny and the leads Mrs. Israels picked makes the play.”

Nykamp loves being in MTC because she has the chance to be onstage every day. Although remembering the choreography, harmonies, lines, and songs can be difficult, putting in the work is worth it, “because it’s always fun for me.”

Also in her sixth year is Turner, who plays Reno Sweeny in “Anything Goes.”

When she was given the role of Reno, Turner was surprised because it was not the role she’d expected to get. Despite that, she is enjoying her role.

“I’m extremely happy I got this part because I’ve never had a part like it,” Turner said, “so it stretched my acting skills and it’s making me a better actress.”

Her favorite scene of the show, from “Anything Goes,” is a big mix-up at the end, where she is disguised as a Chinese princess, which she loves because “it’s crazy and fun.”

“We normally switch shows everyday according to how it will be done for the actual performance, but we do take a few days in the week to go over harmony and choreography,” said Turner, who explained the typical rehearsal routine. Although being in a show can be a lot of hard work, it pays off and is very exciting.

“The most fun is when we are able to go through the whole show without stopping because I feel so accomplished,” Turner added. “The most difficult is the week of the show because it’s stressful doing hardcore rehearsals and there’s a lot of stress determining whether or not we are ready for the performances.”

Renae has had roles in seven plays prior to “The Golden Age of Broadway,” including last year’s MTC revue show, “Smokey Joe’s Cafe.”

When asked why she decided to join MTC she had this to say.

“I chose to be in MTC because I love the great times we have in the class and I am determined to help prove that it’s better than mediocre and we aren’t just a beginner class.”

This year’s revue show, “The Golden Age of Broadway,” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and fun for everyone; with dynamic leads, crazy scenes, harmonious songs, and upbeat choreography.

Break a leg, MTC!



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