Name change latest update to student newspaper

Since 2001 Hamilton High School’s newspaper has been known as “The Paper,” but this year the Journalism staff has decided to change the name.

The idea of  “The ThunderHawk” came out of a class discussion about changing the name. Senior Ethan Berens suggested the name.  Other name ideas were “The Hawkeye Tribune” and “The HHS Post.” “The Thunderhawk” came from Hamiton’s old mascot, the Thunder Chicken.

“The change is clearly needed,” returning staff writer, Logan White said.  Fellow staff writer, Brad Voorhorst agreed.

“The Paper’ is a generic name and we want our paper name to be noticeable and memorable.”

Mr. Braschler said, it’s a good idea and brings back history from the mid  ‘80’s.

Back before Mr. Weed became the Journalism adviser, Mr. Myers was in charge of the newspaper.

While Mr. Myers can’t remember exactly how the name came about, he said that years ago the school voted to name it “The Paper” or the Journalism class chose to name it “The Paper.”

“It is a world of change,” Mr. Myers said, “and change can be a wonderful thing.”

Hopefully the new name will be well liked by the students.

Junior Tori Kuipers said, “The ThunderHawk” is a million times better.

The newspaper’s web address will remain

According to Mr. Weed, some members of past classes have discussed a name change, but this group was determined to make it happen.

Brenda Folkert contributed to this report.


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