New addition to math department has teaching in his blood

Mr. LeFere with his wife and their son, Lincoln.

Hamilton welcomed a new teacher to the math department this school year, Mr. Conor LeFere.
Mr. Lefere was brought to this area after his wife got a job in Grandville. When he started looking around for new teaching jobs, he saw that Hamilton had a teaching position open.
Mr. Lefere said that he has always known about Hamilton, because one of his good friends from college is a teacher here at Hamilton High School – social studies teacher Mr. Brant Haverdink. They were on the football team together at Kalamazoo College.
Growing up, Mr. Lefere lived in Jackson, Michigan. His mom was a teacher at Lumen Christi, the Catholic high school in which he attended. So, he had his mom as a teacher.
“It wasn’t too bad,” Mr. Lefere said. “The only bad part is when she would tell stories about me from when I was a little kid. That was kind of embarrassing. But that really only effected me as a freshman. Other than that, it was okay.”
He loves to be outdoors, so sports are a large hobby of his. Steak and buffalo wings are among his top food choices, and green is his favorite color.
Family wise, he is married and has a son, Lincoln, who just turned two years old. A nine and a half year old yellow lab named Faergus is also apart of his life.
“I guess you could say teaching is in my blood,” Mr. Lefere said.
Having his mom and three sisters all being teachers, it only makes sense that he would be a teacher as well.
“He makes math a little less boring!” pre-calc senior Anissa Krauss said. “I’m more willing to listen to the lesson. He changes the way he teaches things.”
This fall, he is teaching Pre-Calculus A and Algebra 2 to Hamilton students.
He has taken over room 101, which was Mr. Morrison’s old lab and Ms. Spruit’s old classroom in the senior hallway. This is his sixth year teaching. He teaches math and is also certified to teach social studies which he has taught for two years.


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