New class keeps students current

Mr. Brian Grabinski is no longer teaching World Geography at Hamilton but has taken over a new class called Current Events that is now required for all Hamilton freshmen.

The one trimester class is split into two parts: what is happenings in the news and current controversial issues.

Students are assigned events which they need to research and then present to the class.  The current controversial issues that are focused on are the environment, genocide, and terrorism.

According to Mr. Grabinski, Current Events creates student awareness of what’s going on in the world.  He hopes that kids will get a better understanding of the world, and not just in Hamilton or west Michigan.

The class was created after the state of Michigan said that geography had to be taught in U.S. History and World History classes.  World Geography then had to be dropped.  It was Mr. Grabinski’s idea for the Current Events class.

“I wanted it to be for juniors and seniors,”  Grabinski said.  He hopes that in the future there will be a Current Events II class.


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