New classroom a positive move for Mr. Morrison

In all the years of leading his business classes, Mr. Brian Morrison has been in the same room in the senior hallway.

That changed second trimester, as Mr. Morrison moved his classroom downstairs to last year’s Pioneer Tech classroom which was previously part of the wood shop.

The reason for his big move was to combine his robotics and computer’s classrooms. The move has given his students a better work environment, and it has also freed up the space in the library used by his robotics class the past two school years.

Although the move has its benefits, Mr. Morrison did express a few things about the move of which he was not a big fan.

“I (had) to come in on Thanksgiving,” said Mr. Morrison.

The other thing he worried about was not seeing as many people in a remote part of the school.  The self-described social butterfly said, ” I don’t want to become disconnected.”

Both are problems, that after time, can be worked through.

“I just hope it doesn’t affect his useless facts on Fridays,” sophomore Kenna Dyke said when asked about the matter.

As he looked back on the many good times had in his old room, he explained his favorite memory made in the room which was “throwing a Nalgene bottle against the wall to prove that they’re indestructible.”

According to him the test was a failure. The bottle shattered against the wall dumping water everywhere and he bought the student a new bottle. The room was his first as a teacher, and he said it will always hold a special place in his heart.



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