New Frau at Hamilton High

Many new teachers have arrived in the Hamilton community. One of
them at the high school is foreign language teacher Lauren Stieper.

Born in Dearborn, Michigan, Frau Stieper went to a very diverse Dearborn High school.
She took Arabic to be able to better co-mingle with the large Arab population in Dearborn.

After high school, Frau Stieper went to Hope College. She went to college knowing she
wanted to teach.

”I wanted to be a biology teacher because I loved science, but when I was in college I
realized I didn’t love it enough.” she chuckled.

A graduate of Hope, she majored in German and Spanish.

Teaching wasn’t her only love in college. She also played soccer. She had played the
sport since high school and went through playing outside left midfielder at Hope all four years.
In her senior year, the team made the top 32 in the U.S.

When studying in Europe for two semesters, she played on a Polezi Sportverein in Germany.
When in Spain, she played on a Hispalis and a Sevilla FC (football club).

After college, Frau Stieper student taught here at Hamilton with Frau Sheryl Smith. When student teaching, she found that she really liked Hamilton.

“I enjoy the students and the environment.” she said.

Frau Smith, who retired in June, ran the Hamilton exchange program with Hildesheim (a school in Germany) for almost 25 years. Now that Frau Stieper is taking the reigns, she hopes to keep it going.

“I’m very excited,” she said.

One of her favorite quotes this term is,“Was wir allein nicht schaffen, das schaffen wir dan zusammen.” This means, ‘what we can’t do alone, we can do together.’

“I think we need to work together with this language,” she said.


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