New homework policy put in place

Students may be doing more work after school in the library this year under the new homework policy.

This year, the  school’s leaders came up with a new classwork policy, which holds students accountable for not doing their work. Approximately 75% of parents said that it was okay to keep their kid(s) after school, or to leave a message via phone or email if their kid had to stay after to do work.

Approximately 35% of parents said that they needed more information or an alternative time for them to come in other than after school.

“As educators, (we) can’t let kids who aren’t doing their best fall through the cracks,” said Mr. Mat Rehkopf, the high school’s co-principal.

Having the work policy makes the students more accountable for doing their work to the best of their ability. Even if a parent said that they needed more time to make a decision about when to make up the assignment, students will still be held accountable for the assignment. That may mean giving up time outside of class to make it up. Whether or not that’s during lunch, before or after school, or coming in on Saturday will need to be determined with teachers.

“The presence (of the policy) will motivate kids to do what’s expected of them the first time around,” social studies teacher Mr. Brant Haverdink said.

Teachers use homework to know where their students are in a lesson, if they understand what they are learning fully, or if they still need help with getting the concept. This helps teachers make their plans for each class, which hopefully lets the teachers individualize each lesson according to each class’ needs.

“(This policy) provides the student’s incentive to do work,” science teacher Mr. Terry Bochenek said. “Giving a zero doesn’t mean they’ll do it and hopefully help them achieve more.”

Having students come in before school, after school or at lunch gives the students a chance to do their best.


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