New mascot brings cheer to HHS sports fans

Who is 6 feet tall, endangered, and has a rockin’ body? Well it’s none other than the Hamilton Hawkeye mascot!

The new and oh so energetic hawk stormed the stands on Oct. 18, at the last Hamilton home football game. The mysterious hawk kept the crowd going and really inspired the cheerleaders during the game.

“It was really cool to have something new to help get the crowd involved,” said Senior Kelsey Koning.

The buff, tall, and feathered hawk will continue to appear at home sporting events throughout the year.

Not just associated with football, however, the mascot will appear at home games in basketball, and other special events.

“We are hoping to get the Hawk at as many games as possible,” Mr. Haggerty said.

While the Hawk sleeps between games, he will stay in a safe place and be protected from any danger.

“The mascot is in good hands,” said Haggerty.

So what does it take to be the mascot? Energy, enthusiasm, and an interview held in early October. Don’t fear, however, interviews will be held again for next year’s inspiration leaders.

This year the job has been filled, but if you’re interested, think of signing up for a chance next year to become the buff, energetic Hawk.


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