New year, new face

First year social studies teacher, Mr. Josh Hoppe, is fitting in quite well in Hamilton. He is glad to be teaching in the social studies area. He enjoys watching students become active in what’s going on in the government.

“Students need to be interested and involved in the world around them,” Mr. Hoppe said.

A Grand Valley State University graduate, Hoppe is also coaching freshman football. Having played football in high school he really enjoys helping the team become the best football players they can be.

“They’re good kids,” he said when asked how their team is doing. “Our record doesn’t really give credit to how well the team plays.”

Since he played four sports in high school its no wonder that Mr. Hoppe is a sports fanatic. If Mr. Hoppe wasn’t a teacher he would have been interested in playing for the Detroit Lions. His dream when he was younger was to be the quarterback of their football team.

A native of the east side of the state, Mr. Hoppe grew up in a small town similar to Hamilton called Unionville.

“The closest thing to a store where I grew up is my fathers gas station,” he said. “ My school was smaller than Hamilton. There were only 90 kids in my graduating class.”

From the get go, Mr. Hoppe had always been interested in social studies. He enjoys keeping up with the news and doesn’t want to be left in the dark when it comes to the ever-changing world. Mr. Josh Hoppe’s excitement for social studies is well portrayed in his rapid paced U.S. Government classes. He likes keeping his students on their toes and ready to learn.


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