NHS Blood drive helping people throughout West Michigan

Every two seconds, someone needs blood according to the Red Cross.

This spring, on April 20, NHS will be teaming up with Michigan Blood to hold a blood
drive down in the gym. Students and the commuity are given an opportunity to
donate blood and help save lives.

According to NHS President, Kelsey Whitcomb, the blood drive is a positive thing.

“(It’s a) good way to get the student body involved with the community and help

Students sign up for a time to donate during school hours and are accompanied
down to the gym by an NHS volunteer. Students will attempt to give blood, about
50 or so being successful out of 60-70 according to NHS supervisor, Mr. Terry

Students are given cookies and juice after they donate and wait a little bit before
going back to class to make sure they don’t pass out, according to NHS secretary,
Monica Vandenbil.

“(We do it) to try to help save lives. Surgery, accidents, and many other reasons
requires people to need blood transfusions,” Mr. Bochenek said.

The Red Cross states that “one donation can help save the lives of up to three
people.” Hamilton is just trying to do it’s part.

Students as young as 16 can donate blood with parental permission at the blood
drive on April 20.

Join Michigan Blood and the National Honor Society in helping save the lives of


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