NHS launches lunch tutoring program

In an attempt to help academically struggling high school students, the Hamilton chapter of the National Honor Society has started a new tutoring program.

This program, held during both lunches every Tuesday and Thursday in the library, is student-run. NHS students will be on hand to help anyone who is struggling or would like a little extra help studying for a test.

“We don’t turn anybody down,” NHS member Kathryn Lugten said. “If we can’t answer your questions, we’ll get a teacher on lunch break who can.”

NHS advisor Mr. Terry Bochenek started the program. Every year, numerous parents request that a tutoring service be made available to their children. In the past, the program was held after school, but this year they have changed it to make it more readily available to students.

“This gives them an opportunity to get help during school hours and it gives the NHS students a chance to help out – and that’s why we’re here,” NHS president Megan Aardema said.

Many students feel ashamed to ask for help, but the program is there for their benefit.

“Everyone has different strengths, and if you asked me how to take care of a horse or change the brakes on a car, I would not be able to handle it without help either, so don’t be afraid to seek help from people who can help,” NHS advisor Mr. Bochenek said.


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