Opinion: Grades should be updated more often in PowerSchool

Many teachers have students ask when grades will be updated in PowerSchool after an assessment that they have just taken.

Students tend to get really fed up by this especially if they feel like they didn’t do the greatest on their previous assignment.¬†From personal experience, I can honestly say that students hate not having an updated grade in PowerSchool¬†and not seeing a test, or project grade that they’ve been done with for weeks still not included in their overall grade yet.
It’s especially stressful when the student is hoping to improve his or her grade, or just trying to keep their current grade.
As research shows, students getting feedback sooner can help students improve their scores on the assignment they were asked to complete. It also helps them understand what they got wrong and hopefully be able to change that in the future.
So, why does it take so long for teachers to update PowerSchool?

Yes, it takes a lot of time to grade over 100 assignments and we as students recognize that. However, we aren’t so fond of having the same teachers not updating PowerSchool for weeks after the due date of an assignment.

According to the Journal of Statistics Education, researcher Beth Chance found that
“Students need to receive feedback not only on their exam performance, but also constructive indications of their strengths and weaknesses, guidelines for improving their understanding, and challenges to extend their knowledge. The instructor needs to know not only how the students are mastering the material, but also how to improve instructional techniques and enhance statistical understanding.”
I sure to find out my grades…soon.


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