Opinion: Hats should be allowed in hallways

Hats like this one should be allowed on student heads while walking the halls, so says columnist Jake Eshenaur.

Often students ask why they have to take  their hats off in school.  There seems to be no reason from staff besides “Because I said so”.

I just think that we as students should be able to wear hats throughout the hallways.

According to Mr. Mat Rehkopf, Hamilton Assistant Principal, at first the no hat rule in school was because of safety.

“Safety is key,” he said.  According to Mr. Rehkopf, a while ago they caught a kid with drugs in his hat.

I know we shouldn’t have drugs in school, but anyone could hide them in their pants.  Does that mean no pants allowed?

I believe hats should be allowed because some students just don’t feel right with out a hat. I understand why we can’t wear them in class due to respect, but why can’t we wear them in the hallways?  That’s our time and we should be able to do what we want.

I think administrators can tell the difference between just wearing a hat because we like to, and wearing one as a gang sign or trying to insult people.

We just wear them because we’re used to wearing them outside of school. I think that the school should give us a chance to see what the outcome is.  I don’t think we as a school ever gave it a shot. So, why not?


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