Opinion: parents should not feel that technology is necessary for learning

Every year, many parents worry about whether or not they should purchase their children an iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc., because of the idea going around that technology “improves students learning.”

I believe that to improve student learning, you don’t need to spend $300 for something that you need to upgrade every three months, or receive the newer version of the product.

I have had experience with the technology at both the middle school and high school, and I don’t get anymore work done than I do when I read, take notes, or even listen to a teacher lecture. A required computers class has changed many students’ minds about this, but I still disagree.

In the computers class, every student is put into a group to research PBL (Project Based Learning), and is evaluated how well they work with other students and technology.

The certain subject that was researched was a One-to-One Program, which promotes the idea of the school providing iPads and/or Laptops to all students to “increase student learning.”

At this point, however, the district has not adopted a One-to-One program, so the dread of spending money on technology still remains on the parents.

If a student feels that they need technology to help them with school, that doesn’t mean that they need to go out to Best Buy to purchase a new device. The Hamilton Community Schools provide many computers, and they are available to students to use.  I think that if the school provides technology options for the students, there is no need for parents to spend money.

“The library has 10 computers that students can use when they come in with a pass,” Susan Alward, librarian said. “Only teachers can check out the laptops/iPads (carts) to be used by students in their classroom.”

According to Mrs. Alward, students may not check out individual devices on their own.

Learning doesn’t need to be dependent on technology. If your grandparents did it without technology, so can you.


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