Opinion poll: Theory of Evolution

How do YOU feel about Evolution being taught in a public school?


Alyse Johnson, sophomore

“I completely disagree because if a student has different beliefs, not only Christianity but Buddhism, or something like that, their religion gets questioned in a public area.

I know a couple kids who went to the principal about it, including myself, and we complained because we feel like our religion is being questioned and it bothers us a lot. Faith is a big thing in a teenager’s life.”


Haley Allison, Sophomore

“In my opinion I think it’s fine because like, everyone should have their own range of education, rather than focusing on one thing.”


Lexi Fent, senior and Anna Shaub, senior


Lexi: “I couldn’t care less because it doesn’t matter whether I believe it or not, it depends on the people who do care. That’s who I’m worrying about. I’m putting myself in their shoes. If I don’t want to listen to it and don’t believe it, that’s fine. But it’s also a public school where they can teach anything.”


Anna: “I just feel like some families wouldn’t care but some families do.”


Lexi: “And if they do care they should be able to sign it off saying they don’t want to have their kid learning about it.”


Charlie Jordan, Junior

“I think that it’s a double standard to say that we can’t teach religion in schools because it offends some people, yet we can teach evolution where it offends the people who believe in religion.”


Rease Dykstra, Sophomore
“I think it’s okay to teach it in school because it helps explain other things also taught in science, but I also think that evolution and creationism can go together and make sense.”


Shelbey Schneider, Sophomore

“I personally don’t think that it should be able to be taught, or you should be able to opt out of it. For some people it goes against their whole beliefs, but for others it’s what they want to learn so I guess that should be your choice of what you want to do.”


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