Origin of Cupid

Most of you probably know the most famous Valentine symbol, Cupid, but do you really know what he is all about? When you think of Cupid, many things run through your mind. From hearts and arrows, to love, to an oversized winged baby wearing next to nothing. You may know that he is mostly known for shooting people with magical golden arrows, which make people fall deeply in love, but what you might not know is how Cupid came to be.

Cupid, meaning, “love” in Latin, was a Greek god that fell deeply in love with a princess by scratching himself with one of his own golden arrows. Cupid’s mother, Venus, ordered Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with him because she was jealous of Princess Psyche.

So, per his mother’s request, he set out one night to follow his orders and strike Psyche with his arrow. As he was sneaking into Princess Psyche’s room to shoot her with a golden arrow, he accidently scratched his hand with the golden arrow. He then accidently fell madly in love with her. Following that, he couldn’t stay away from Psyche.

He would sneak into Psyche’s room every night to talk to her, but only at night so she could not see him. Psyche desperatly wanted to see Cupid, but her two older sisters advised her to stay away from Cupid because they thought he was a monster. Psyche ignored her sisters’ warnings, and went to the Greek God Jupiter, where he granted her immorality so she could be with Cupid forever.

Even though Cupid may sound like he was a creepy, love struck male, and let’s be honest, kind of a stalker; he still is the most significant Valentine’s Day symbol that we all can recognize.


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