Pearl Harbor: day of infamy

Tomorrow will be 66 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor, but it’s still a strong memory for many Americans and influences the learning of today’s students. History teachers emphasize this day in history as the time we entered World War II.

“(I think the most memorable thing about Pearl Harbor is) the way the nation responded,” Mr. Grabinski said. “We were a nation that wanted to stay out of the war, and overnight changed into a nation of men who could not enroll in the military fast enough.”

The day after the attack, President Franklin Roosevelt rallied the American people with his now famous speech.

“Yesterday – December 7,1941 – a date which will live in infamy-the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and  air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

In the end, 19 U.S. ships were sunk or destroyed including all eight battleships and 150 U.S. planes were destroyed. There were 2,403 sailors, soldiers, and civilians killed, including 1,177 sailors trapped aboard the rapidly sunk USS Arizona.

“The most memorable thing is the U.S.S. Arizona.” Mr. Carlson said.


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