Powerpuff 2012: Seniors win, money raised for Love INC.

Powerpuff volleyball was a success for the third consecutive year. Powerpuff is a fun way to let the boys try to play volleyball. Mrs. Abby Ekkens thought the boys were surprised at the effort that was needed to play volleyball.

“All the kids can be doing something fun for a good cause, and step back from school” Mr. Mat Rehkopf said. “It’s a different way of seeing the teachers, and the kids compete.”

“It was fun competing against the seniors,” Algebra teacher Jared Randall said, “I was pleasantly surprised at their volleyball skills.”

The cost for this unique event was $2.00, and a Hamilton volleyball T-shirt was $10.00.  This year the event generated approximately $1,900.

“We raised roughly the same amount in the previous years,” Ekkens said.

The money will be donated to Love, Inc. (In the Name of Christ), which was chosen by the varsity volleyball team.

“The games went well, it was a good time,” Mrs. Ekkens said.

The freshman worked hard but lost their games, the sophomores won against the juniors and freshman, seniors beat the freshman and juniors, and the faculty tied with the seniors.

“It was fun, we lost the first and went to a second game and won that,” Spanish teacher Miss. Mary Ayres said.  “The reffing was debatable, no net violations. It’s always entertaining to watch Miss Phillips stuff the boys at the net.”

“I agree with Miss Ayres, the reffing was questionable, the seniors and juniors were fun to watch, they were at equal skill levels,” Spanish teacher Jill Phillips said. “The freshmen and sophomores were fun to watch also, they had lots of enthusiasm.”

The goal is to continue this event in years to come. Many people are looking forward to next year.



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