Presidential candidates raise money for 2008 election

For those who have been living beneath a rock for the past year, something you may have missed is the fact that a fierce presidential race  is currently taking place. For those who haven’t been stuck under a rock, we know, we’ve seen the commercials.

Regardless of political stances or party classification, there is a very important underlying factor that isn’t necessarily a mainstream public concern when it comes down to politics, and that’s money.

There’s a lot of talk going around about a recession happening, and that Michigan is experiencing what some call a one-state recession.

This Michigan economy may explain why  political contributions from west Michigan have been cut compared to 2004.

In the 2008 election cycle, so far John McCain has raised $194,188, Barack Obama $124,022 and Hillary Clinton $18,900 from private donors in west Michigan.

The Michigan primary took place on Jan. 15, a date much earlier than originally scheduled. Because Michigan chose to move up its primary, the state was penalized by both parties. On the Republican side, only half of the state’s delegates will be sent to the RNC convention. In that race, Mitt Romney defeated John McCain and Mike Huckabee, but has since “suspended his campaign,” leaving McCain and Huckabee the top remaining candidates along wiith longshot Ron Paul.

Hilary Clinton was the only major Democrat candidate on the Michigan ballot because of a boycott  by other top candidates.  Sen. Clinton defeated “Uncommitted”, 55.4 to 39.9.


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