The Wiz a hit for cast and audience

The aftermath of all the make-up and costumes.

Colorful costumes, entergetic music, hilarious characters, and a pair of sparkly silver flats all explain the great performances of The Wiz made by the Hamilton high school students on Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1.

The Wiz, is a spin-off of The Wizard of Oz, yet it still captured friendship, overcoming one’s fears, magic, and fun just as much as the original.

The cast of The Wiz was made up of students ranging from freshman to seniors. While not every student was born for the spotlight or stepping out in front of a huge crowd, sometimes they can become that way. Being in this production gave many students the chance to get rid of their fears and act out.

“I learned how to just be big and crazy and not care what people think,” junior Courtney Smit said. “To step outside my comfort zone.”

This musical was new to many students, and not many had known that there was a different direction on the classic story.

“It allowed us to be creative and come up with our own set, costumes, and characterization,” direction Jacquie Johr said.

Being part of cast is much like being part of a team. Every person is valuable and plays a part. The group is only the strongest when they band together as one. When one falls, there are others to pick them back up, dust them off, and start up again.

“Over the course of the show, we (grew) together as a strange family,” Johr said. “We (made) it through tough times by not letting anyone slip. We notice EVERYONE. This helps each member of the cast know they matter.”

The cast of The Wiz, some of whom were friends and some who didn’t know hardly anybody, worked their tails off to give a wonderful performance. Not every student had a solo or a large monologue, but that didn’t matter, each part was just as important as the next.

As it has been said: “There are no small parts, only small actors.” – Konstantin Stanislavsky



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