Prom 2015: ‘Under the Lights’ hopes to score big with students

There has been some controversy about the location of this year’s Prom, but not a lot of people know all the facts.

According to Ms. Mary Ayres, who helps organize prom as the junior class adviser, the original plan was to have the dance at the Felt Mansion. That plan wouldn’t have worked out because the venue was over the prom committee’s budget, and it wouldn’t be in the actual mansion.

By the time the Prom committee found out that was overbudget, it was too late to reserve a lot of the venues that would’ve been obvious choices for prom.

So the prom committee came up with ‘Under the Lights’ as the theme for this year’s prom which will take place on Hamilton’s football field on May 2, from 8-11:30 p.m.

Part of the field will be sectioned off and covered by a white tent in the end zone area closest to the middle school. The stadium’s parking lot and bathrooms will be accessible throughout the night for students’ use.

A wooden dance floor will be placed under the tent so there is solid ground and not just grass to walk on. The tent will be set up a few days in advance to ensure that the floors will be dry and set in place long before the dance even starts. As always, the prom committee has a great vision for this year’s dance and will strive to make Prom 2015 the best one yet!


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