Prom on the football field: touchdown or fumble?

T’Hawk column by Cameron Everse

For it…

Prom.  One of the most talked about and anticipated events of the year. Juniors look forward to attending prom their whole high school career and seniors look forward to prom the day after the previous prom.  It’s always a night to remember.  There’s crazy dancing, beautiful decorations, and captivating lighting.  It’s truly one of the best nights of your high school career.  As enjoyable as it is every year, the talk leading up to it isn’t.

Prom 2014 was very controversial among students.  People complained and complained.  “Prom in a barn is tacky” and “Hamilton hicks having prom in a barn..” were common things to hear in the hallways.  It was held in a barn in overisel- not a junky old barn, but a newly renovated, closed off barn.  The prom committee put hours and hours into planning and decorating and Mr. Prins spent hours installing and setting up the lighting.  The barn looked fantastic and people had fun.

So why are people complaining about prom this year?  Why does it matter if prom is on the football field and not at Felt Mansion?  Why can’t people trust the class officers and Ms. Ayres?  She has thrown a party or two…

The simple answer?  People like to complain.  People like to complain without having any knowledge about the issue.  People are entitled to their opinion, but as Harlan Ellison- an American writer- said: “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”  If I were to guess the percentage of people who have talked to a class officer or Ms. Ayres prior to complaining, I would guess 2%.  Maybe.  If you have talked to Ayres about prom and have learned that there will be a large event tent, heaters, and a dance floor and you still don’t like the idea of having it on the field that’s okay.  That is your informed opinion, but that’s just how it is.  If it really bothers you that much you don’t have to go, but you will be missing out on one of the best high school experiences.

Some of the most common complaints I have heard so far from people wanting prom to be moved to the Felt Mansion are about shoes and dresses getting dirty and the weather- whether it will be too cold or rain.  Valid worries.  However, if prom is held at the felt mansion it will still be held outdoors under an event tent.  You will still have the same complications that you could have on the football field.  And it will just cost you more.  Having prom at the Felt Mansion with all the extra necessities will make ticket prices soar.  Last year tickets were $15; they would not be nearly that low with prom at the Felt Mansion.

Prom is what you make it.  If you go into prom with a positive attitude you will have fun.  It could

be in the cafeteria and you could still make it one of the best nights of your life.


T’Hawk column by Skyler Smith

Against it…

Like Cameron said, prom will be one of the nights you will remember for the rest of your life. The dresses, pictures, dancing, dinner, venue, and everything that goes along with prom. Since prom is a big event and is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, you want it to be planned well.

Ms. Ayres has a lot of experience in planning prom and it always turns out to be great. Each year there is always complaints, but this year has valid points to being upset on how prom is being planned.

Being on the football field brings up some weather concerns of the field being muddy and girls ruining their dresses and not being able to wear heels. Girls spend a lot of money and time purchasing what they need for prom and they don’t want to ruin it at prom.

The point of having prom at a venue is to get away from the school and have a fancy venue to enjoy rather than having it in the cafeteria like other dances. Being at the football field, people will have to drive into town to go out to dinner and come back to Hamilton for prom. No one wants to come back to the school for prom, especially seniors who are ready to leave the school behind.

Like Cameron stated, what also makes prom is the decorations. With it being in such a big space, how will they decorate the whole field or the tent? Last year prom was held in a barn, which turned out to be really great, but I believe that the seniors deserve to have their other prom in a more upscale venue. Especially since this event is one of the seniors last times with their classmates before they leave for college, it should be extra special to them.

I think that people would be willing to pay more for a nicer venue, especially since they saved money from last years prom.The football field is a great space where many kids spend their fall friday nights and it will represent us coming together and reliving those moments together, but everyone may not have the same connection to the field. It is a possible drawback.
The field is just a space to hold the tent and I feel it could be carried out and planned better if it was held at another venue. Prom is about the memories  and the fun,but with these circumstances it will be difficult to enjoy the outside venue.


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