Quiz Bowl: A different kind of sport…

Ethan DeJonge

ThunderHawk Staff Writer

Quiz bowl is a game show-like competition where students answer tough questions against  teams from different schools.

At Hamilton High, Mr. Spotts and Mr. Pertner lead the Hawkeye competitors.

In each competition, the teams compete in a Jeopardy-like format. Each team is given a buzzer to buzz-in if they would like to answer.

If a team buzzes in first and gets the right answer, the team will be given a bonus question to further optimize their scores.

All JV and varsity records are kept in Mr. Pertner’s room.

In a normal match, team members buzz-in answers on their own,  with no communications allowed to other teammates. If the answer is correct and the team was given a bonus question, then communications will be allowed. After the matches, usually four to five per night, the result is compiled and the winner will have the opportunity to go to the State Meet.

Mr. Spotts, the head coach, likes to go from room to room and watch performances and does more coaching than assistant coach, Mr. Pertner, who acts as question reader and comes up with math problems for practice.

While not a whole lot of coaching is needed for Quiz Bowl, the players were given a ‘Big Book of Facts’ to read and memorize. This book is the source for questions (except mathematic questions) in the competitions.

The coaches hold quizzes to test the competitors and find the ‘Smart Kid’, as potential varsity team members.


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