Remembering Bethany


Monica Vandenbil
Editor in chief

Over the past few years, Hamilton has certainly had more than its fair share of loss concerning its youth.  Recent graduate Bethany Rozema is the latest addition to this very unfortunate list.

“(Bethany) had a positive spirit, a willingness to learn and be a part of new ideas, and was well liked by her peers,” Hamilton High Principal Mr. Doug Braschler said. “She would do what she was asked and worked hard at doing the best she could.”

Bethany was involved in many activities, but no matter what the occasion she always had a positive and contagious attitude.

“The word to describe ‘our Bethany’ was spectacular.  She was caring and considerate, and if you were in a bad mood she could always put you in a better one in a matter of seconds,” said Britteny VandenBrink, a friend of Bethany’s. “During middle school we did multiple plays together where even if she wasn’t the main character she was having a good old time and making the play great. In high school when she stopped doing the plays, she would still always come and watch me perform.”

“She had an enthusiasm for new experiences and for contributing in a positive way to the cause,” publications instructor Mr. Kevin Weed said. Despite starting her senior year with no previous journalism experience, she quickly established herself as a leader on an already well-developed staff. “Bethany never really applied to be one of the leaders in a formal way, she just went about her business…I noticed this sometime in the winter term and elevated her to managing editor, which is the second highest leadership role for our newspaper. I think everyone knew she was willing to help out, but I am not so sure everyone understood the extra time she put into our efforts.”

“’Never ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee,’” Mr. Weed said, quoting John Donne. “What Donne was getting at with his idea is that when someone is lost from humanity, it is our loss of that person.  We lost a very special young lady in Bethany Rozema, and we are the worse off for it.”

Bethany was also involved in cheerleading and Dutch dance outside of her academic endeavors. She will be remembered most for her positive attitude and upbeat spirit.


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