Reporter’s notebook: Anime Convention comes to Detroit

Youmacon is a big event for Anime fans in the Michigan area, and I know I’m certainly excited to go. For those of you who don’t know what Youmacon or Anime is; Youmacon is a large convention where fans of all Animes get to meet together, enjoy different events, visit different stands, meet the voice actors behind popular anime characters, and cosplay.

Now Anime, is Japanese animation, along with manga which is Japanese comics, not to be confused with American graphic novels, such as Superman.

Youmacon will be held on this weekend, Nov. 1-4 at the Renaissance Center and Cobo Hall in Detroit. The price to get in varies each day. On Friday; $30, Saturday:$40, Sunday:$20, and if you decide to go for three days, it will cost $60. Thursday itself is free.

A few of the events that will be there are autographs; a scavenger hunt – where you can find cards from their collectible card game hidden throughout the con and present them for prizes; and a charity cosplay ball.

The organizers’ goal for this is to be regal, so formal outfits or formal cosplay are required. Dressing as the opposite gender is allowed so long as their appearance and behavior is not inappropriate, and $10 will be needed to get in.

There will also be karaoke, a live-action Mario party, and Youmacon Abridged – where people can enter a short video (under five minutes long) of the first three episodes of an Anime, an OVA, or 90+ minutes of a movie, that they condensed into a parody.  It’s like when you turn the TV on into another language and try to figure out what is going on.

Guest star voice actors will be making an appearance this year including Todd Haberkorn, noted for his acting as Death the Kid in Soul Eater and Natsu in Fairy Tail, though there are many others he’s acted in.  Also attending will be Scott McNeil (noted for being the voice of Duo Maxwell in Gundam Wing), Caitlin Glass (best known for being Winry Rockbell in Full Metal Alchemist), and Brad Swaile (the voice for Light in Death Note). These are just a few of the many other voice actors who will be visiting Michigan for this event.

Now for possibly the biggest part of the event; Cosplay. Though it isn’t required to dress-up, many fans do simply because of how much fun it is. Cosplay is where you dress-up and typically act like the character you’ve chosen to be. Though dressing up might seem silly, it’s really cool when you see one of your favorite characters walking down the street.

Youmacon is a really cool place to visit and to learn about other Animes. It is truly an experience you’ll never forget. For more information on what will be happening there go to Youmacon’s official 2012 site.


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