Reshuffling the deck

Students at the high school have been greeted by familiar faces in new places.

As years go by, students begin to get familiar with who teaches which classes, and things don’t seem to change much.

That’s a little different this year though. Many teachers, such as Mr. Travis Pertner, Mr. Chris Myers, and Mrs. Sarah Chanski, are either no longer teaching familiar classes or they are adding a new class that they have not taught in the recent past. Instead, they have been switched to unfamiliar classes, at least that’s how the students see it.

Mr. Brant Haverdink had taught Sociology for many years; this year, that is not the case. With the new integrated History-English class for the juniors which Mr. Haverdink teaches with Mr. Myers, along with his normal History classes.  He no longer had enough free periods for Sociology. Mr. Colly Carlson will be taking the place as teacher for Sociology this year. Making the whole thing even more complicated, Mr. Myers isn’t teaching both English and PE as he used to in the past.

“Mr. Spotts picked up the PE from Mr. Myers and Mrs. Morris picked up the Biology from Mr. Spotts,” Hamilton Principal Doug Braschler said.

Another switch to the normal schedule is that of Mrs. Becky Bierschbach, who usually teaches math. Due to certain circumstances, Mrs. Bierschbach will be teaching a German class.

“We have a lot of students enrolled in foreign language classes this year, which is great,” Mr. Bierschback said.  “But it created more classes than Frau Stieper, Sra. Ayres, and Sra. Zaagman could teach, so they needed me to teach two sections of German to help out.”

As it turns out, Mrs. Bierschbach “…actually majored in German in college and [is] certified to teach German to grades 6 through 12.”

Many students, especially those who expected to have a class with a certain teacher and aren’t anymore, have different opinions about all the teachers teaching classes that they haven’t in the past. Some like the new schedule while some, on the other hand, aren’t too happy with the change.

“Being in a small school, it’s nice to have teachers teach the same thing every year because it stays consistent,” senior Chelsi Proos said, “so I really don’t like the changing schedules for the teachers. Some times it seems like they are relearning the material just as much as we’re learning it.”


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