Rumor that seniors will graduate in June next year unfounded

Graduation usually happens at Hamilton on the fourth Thursday in May.

Every year the seniors start counting down how many more days there are until they graduate and can say goodbye to high school.  They usually brag about how they get to leave school a few weeks before the underclassmen.

Rumor has it, that’s about to change.

It has been going around for a while that the graduating class of 2014 will start a new tradition, the tradition of leaving for summer at the same time as the other students… in June.

This possibility is NOT a sure thing.   In fact, Director of Secondary Education Mr. Doug Braschler said that he hasn’t heard of this rumor until now.

“I always present the graduation date to the Board of Education, and they ultimately have the say on when it will be,” Mr. Braschler said.

Even though he said this won’t happen, it still has some students raising a fist to it, especially the 2013 junior class who are next in line to graduate.

“I hope it’s a rumor,” junior Jaclyn Westrate said. “There’s no way I’m staying the entire year next year.”

It seems that this rumor is mainly floating around the student body but a few have said that some teachers have spoke about this decision as well. Whether this rumor is true or not, it appears each graduating class wants the decision to be postponed until at least they graduate.


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