Schedule changes run smoothly

This year it seemed classes were interrupted more than ever as the counseling office busied themselves making schedule changes. Trimesters opened up a lot of opportunities for students and kept the staff of Mrs. Sneller, Mrs. Stafford, and Mrs. Haverdink busy the week after the first trimester ended.

Students this year were offered a second chance to retake failed classes. The three trimesters offered students who failed the A section of classes to retake them and stay on track with their scheduling.

“Trimesters got kids back into classes that were section A because they were being offered again,” Mrs. Sneller said.

This situation is a unique one. Students who don’t pass an A section this time will have to retake it next fall.

Counselors Mrs. Sneller and Mrs. Stafford say that this year schedule changes went well and the increase in students transfers out of classes was due to having no break to change schedules when the students weren’t in class. Usually there would be a break for conferences that allowed for the staff to make the necessary changes to schedules.

“The changes went smoothly not knowing what to expect,” said Mrs. Stafford.

This was the first time the counselors worked with the trimester scheduling and all went well.

Mrs. Haverdink also contributed to the changes making phone calls to students classes and taking care of the lines to make sure everyone got their appointment to meet with their counselors. The students were also patient and allowed time for the counselors to work their magic.

Next trimester will be harder though because students who failed their classes won’t have as many options. One thing that Mrs. Sneller and Mrs. Stafford say was harder this year was that they had to have the students schedules fit into two more trimesters so that they could complete the course in one year.

“Some school’s trimesters schedule changes go on for two weeks. Can you imagine missing two weeks of class and switching to a new one? We don’t have that long in a trimester to take that amount of time making schedule changes. I think it went smoothly,” said Mrs. Stafford and Mrs.Sneller.


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