School cancelations will lengthen school year

A cold, snow-filled winter has given Hamilton more days off than many would like at this point.

Snow days are usually a cherished day to high school students; although, the number of snow days this year have not been welcome.
Hamilton has had nine snow days this year – plus the day we took of for Mr. Hoppe’s funeral – which has made the school year already push into summer break.
Now all teachers, staff, parents and underclassmen (including juniors) have to make adjustments to their summer plans because they  have to make up missed days.  Graduating seniors still get out at the same time though, only having to make up March 7.
This year we had three snow days in a row right around Christmas Break. Many people will probably agree that the snow day on Friday wasn’t the greatest day to have a snow day because everyone was looking forward to the teacher’s play, and not worrying about lingering homework or, having to study over break.
“The number one thing I look for is safety,” Hamilton Superintendent Mr. Dave Tebo said. “I look at the road conditions and decide if I am comfortable putting young drivers on the roads.”
Each school year we get six potential snow days to use whether it’s actually because of the road conditions, weather, and freezing rain just to name a few. In the past few years Hamilton has only used one or two snow days each year.
In addition to snow, this year we also had to deal with the bitter cold temperatures as well.  To decide whether or not the roads are safe, Mr. Tebo and our lead mechanic at the bus garage drive around the district while contacting neighboring schools to see how  conditions are around the Hamilton district.
Students have a love/hate relationship with snow days. Some love having a snow day so they don’t have to get out of bed or they have a full day to do whatever they want with that extra time. Others tend to hate them, mostly because then some teachers have to give out extra homework in order to make up for the lost time in class.
“I don’t like snow days,” freshman Caleb DeLong said. “I just wanna get school work done so I can do other things after school but when we tighten teachers workloads they tend to give more homework, which makes less time for me to hangout after school or on weekends… not that I do homework after school, but other students do.”
“I love snowdays. Waking up to the alert, or tweet, is very exciting. Having unexpected days off is nice every once in a while,” junior Cameron Everse said.


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