School cancelled: fourth day in 10

UPDATE – Feburary 1, 2013

Well, it’s happened again.  The storm that dumped 3-7 inches last night on the Hamilton area, and that is expected to dump an additional six to 12 inches by Saturday, has forced the cancellation of school for the fourth time these past two weeks.



For the third time in four scheduled school days, Hamilton Community Schools is keeping its doors closed today.

The reason for today’s closing is the mix of snow and rain that could make the roads dangerous.  According to Wood TV 8, nearly 400 districts – public, private and technical – in west Michigan are closed today.

Last week, school stayed open Monday (despite a mistaken phone call indicating a snow day) and Wednesday.  Both Tuesday and Thursday were cancelled because of heavy snow, while Friday was a planned day off for students while teachers had meetings and professional development.

With temperatures expected to hit the mid-40s today, and more than 50 degrees tomorrow, students should be ready to get back to work on Tuesday.


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