School today means summer starts sooner

Whenever Hamilton gets a day off from school, teachers and students get a break from all the stresses of school and get to plan things more enjoyable to them. The entire Hamilton district was supposed to have the day off today,  but instead high school students and staff had to come to school to make up for the arrival day lost back durin ACT testing.

Instead of adding to the end of the year, the administration decided to make up that arrival day on a day we had planned to have off – today.  The reason that only high school students need to attend school today relates to the day juniors were the only ones in the building for ACT testing.

For several years, juniors were the only high school students reporting and it never caused the district a problem.  However, this year a combination of factors left the district about a dozen students short of the number necessary to count the ACT day towards the total for the year.

If too many students skip school today, the school will have to reschedule that day again at the end of the year to reach the arrival days needed.  The fine for not doing so would be more than $20,000.  The school looked at the cost of the fine and it was more than the cost of transportation and the costs of a regular day, so they decided to just make up the day on the day we had off instead of paying the fine.

I believe that it was better to have the day rescheduled during the year, rather than making up the day in June.  However, I think that since the juniors came that day for the ACT,  they should not have had to come to school today either.

Of course no one likes to come to school on a day that we originally had planned off, but I do understand why we have to make it up and I do like that its only a half-day opposed to having a full day.  Plus, we’ll be out earlier for summer.


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