Science Olympiad heads to first meet

Hamilton’s High School Science Olympiad team will have its first competition on Saturday, February 11 at Thornapple Kellogg.

This is where they will get the chance to compete against many schools from all over Michigan. They have been preparing for several months now, and are eager to finally compete.

According to the Science Olympiad coach, Mr. Andy Ashby, the students are preparing for competition by each taking care of their individual events. This includes doing things like studying, building things, and just getting whatever is needed for their event ready for competition.

Team member, Megan Aardema has been “setting things on fire and making a cheat sheet,” to prepare for competition, she says with a laugh.

Fellow student, Courtney Peters adds and says she is working on studying her event and making sure she has everything needed for competition.

Everyone on the team has put in a lot of work preparing for this competition, so they hope to do well.

Megan says her goal for this competition is to get 1st or 2nd place in one of her events.

Courtney says that she doesn’t really know what to expect, it being the first competition, but she plans to just try her best and have fun

Coach Ashby also isn’t exactly sure what to expect for the first competition. “We just want to see how we do at this competition, and assess our strengths and weaknesses so we can continue to improve for our next competitions,” he said.

Hopefully, the team will do well at this competition and will be able to learn and get better from the experience.


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