Script Writing brings Brock Mealer to Hamilton

Hamilton will play host to the inspirational story of Brock Mealer Jan. 22 at Hamilton High School.

Many college football fans will be familiar with Mealer’s story, which was highlighted on ESPN’s College Gameday program last September, but everyone in attendance will be able to hear Brock’s story of determination and overcoming the seemingly insurmountable.  Hamilton’s Script Writing program invites you to come to Hamilton and be inspired.

A tragic accident

Brock, then a student at the Ohio State University, was involved in a tragic accident on Christmas Eve 2007 when his family’s SUV was broadsided by another vehicle.  Brock’s father, David, and his brother Elliot’s girlfriend, Hollis Richer, were killed in the accident. Elliot is now a football player at the University of Michigan.  Brock was not so fortunate.  He suffered two fractured vertebrae, and was told by doctors he only had a 1% chance to ever walk again.

Putting the pieces back together

Brock performed his rehabilitation at the University of Michigan hospital and was aided in his quest to walk by the Michigan football program’s Strength and Conditioning staff.   In refusing to accept the experts’ prognosis, Brock embraced that 1% chance that he would walk again. Brock turned 1% into his badge of honor.  By surrounding himself with good people, and using sheer determination, Brock set high goals and achieved them.  His story is about believing in himself, in his faith, and in the power of the human spirit.

A Walk to Remember

On September 4th, more than two and a half years after the accident, Brock rose from his wheelchair and led the Michigan team onto the field for their season opener against the University of Connecticut.  In this powerful moment, Brock Mealer showed that even the longest odds can be overcome.

Come to Hamilton, Be Inspired

Please join us tonight for an unforgettable evening with Brock Mealer.  His chance to walk was 1%, your chance to leave inspired is best pegged at 100%.

Following Brock’s speech, there will be a meet and greet for audience members. Cost for the event is $5 per person.   Children 3 and under are free.

All proceeds from the event will go to fund the Hamilton High Script Writing program.


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